Carbon Construction

Callaway Carbon Construction

From prototype to the complete product, we offer customized solutions to meet your requirements.

Carbon construction is vital for those seeking lightweight and strong components. This includes medical and the automotive industry. Carbon is ultra-light, stable, heat, acid resistant and can be formed into any custom shape.

Construction & Development

Our comprehensive carbon services make it possible to take a project from the beginning to final production. We accomplish this by meeting with you to identify your needs and requirements. We work closely with you to design the product that is cost effective and meets your time requirements. The result: high quality components that are individually tailored to your company brand.

Model & Prototyping

We transform your product ideas into models and prototypes to begin developing the first shape of the new part. We then meet with you to show you these prototypes to make sure they meet your design requirements. Once we gain your approval we then proceed to make patterns and proceed to build the entire series of components.


Callaway Competitions Corvette Z06.R GT3 is unique, just like your products. We know how important a custom component is to your manufacturing process. We use all of our capabilities to make sure your final product meets your individual requirements. Our high technological RTM manufacturing methods combine carbon and resin to enable us to produce custom parts to meet your needs.

RTM Process Robotics

Callaway Carbon utilizes a innovative high-quality manufacturing process called RTM. The RTM process starts by cutting carbon fibers and placing them into a packet. The packet is stapled together and preformed with a special tool. A sandwich structure is created with fiber materials that look like PVC foam. It is called perform and is impregnated with a liquid Hartz mixture by a RTM robot. Heat is added, the resin hardens and a solid body is formed. After the plastic body is cured it is refinished individually and ready for shipment.

This technological process creates a high quality, paint ready component that has high strength. The RTM robot enables us to produce a product with high process reliability that is repeatable, reliable with relatively short cycle times. Thus we can produce complex custom products with different materials in one operation. Your custom built products are produced faster with higher quality to meet your needs. Callaway Carbon is satisfied when you are!

For over twenty-five years Callaway Carbon is a German independent subsidiary of Callaway Cars Inc. in the United States. Callaway Carbon specializes in the construction of custom carbon components for major manufacturers. The company utilizes its many years of racing experience to build high quality carbon components.

Our expertise has helped us construct the most successful racecar in the FIA GT3 European Racing series: The Corvette Z06.R GT3.

At Callaway Carbon Construction our mission is to provide you with the best product from design, development and production.

Callaway Competition (or is it Callaway Carbon?) has joined three other RTM companies to form a network of experts. Everyone is an expert in the development and the manufacturing process of carbon fiber composites. This network provides us with transfer of know-how that enables us to achieve high capacity in the development and manufacturing phases of a product. This also results in improved security so you can trust us with your project.

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